Are you tired of the lack of options with the spray painting norms? Does your homebuyer really want four, six or ten different colors? Would you prefer to keep your subs working without a five-day break for painting?

New Life Painting:
• The area professionals with the home town service touch
• Specializing in the cut and roll process, we rarely spray
• We are as cost effective as spraying, while providing a more consistent finish
• Free estimates
• Following dry wall finish, we double coat walls and ceilings of a house in one day
• Optional washable wall finishes are not a problem
• Can apply multiple colors in one unit (we’ve done 8 colors in 1400 sq. ft. townhouse)
• Paint or stain trim, doors and sash. We use tape for straight trim lines
• Once doors are set and trim installed, we finish in two days
• Following floor instillation, we touch up and finish in one short day
• Our quality is unbeatable and our rates are reasonable

Your complete quality satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed.

These builders and service agencies consistently call us for their painting needs and customer referrals:

Rine and Rine Builders, Shippensburg, PA

Daren Rine Builder, Shippensburg, PA

Mickey Myers Construction, Marion, PA

B & F Builders, Shippensburg, PA

ServPro, Shippensburg, PA

what others think

"New Life Painting has without a doubt everything I look for in a service provider. They offer quality service and are timely, reliable, cost effective, and courteous. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to ease the burden of their next painting project." – Karen T., Mercersburg, PA